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About our supported wage position in the Cafe

We work on improving skills surrounding: food preparation, meal planning, meal prepping and meal storage, all while experiencing new flavours, new recipes, cooking and the enjoyment of food


We will welcome you to 100 Mile Foodie & show you everything we have to offer, train you in the particular area you’ll work in, send you  on coffee training, shadow shifts & whatever else is needed for you to love your job & be confident at 100 Mile Foodie.

Generally, the participants who come to 100 Mile Foodie are seeking support to become more independent, gain meaningful employment, socialise & really enjoy their time with new friends.

100 Mile Foodie is more than just a Cafe!

We have so many opportunities that you can get involved with:

If you would like to hear more or get involved with any of the exciting opportunities listed above please email Monique at
call Marlene 0432 274 907

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