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It’s appropriate that a chef, caterer and hospitality trainer like Marlene
Hoff should be based on Victoria’s Mornington Peninsula – one of
Australia’s premier food & wine regions. In 2013 Marlene’s passion for
the region’s produce led to her establishing her business “100 mile
“100 Mile Foodie is an exciting opportunity for me to share my food
discoveries, my passions and my joy of using local, sustainable and
ethical food & wine available virtually on my doorstep.”
Before starting her ultimate food journey, Marlene was a highly
proficient and qualified hospitality trainer with more than 10 years’
experience in delivering quality facilitation and engaging classes along
with commercial cookery in secondary schools & TAFE across
The wife and mother of two continues that strong education
commitment through 100 Mile Foodie and the cooking school she has
established at her Somerville home. She regularly hosts classes across a
range of age groups and cuisines while many of the ingredients are
sourced from her own kitchen garden.
100 mile foodie also produces a range of gourmet food products
including jams, chutneys, fruit pastes and cordials. All ingredients are
sourced from the Mornington Peninsula. Marlene is also a highlysought caterer for private functions, weddings and major events.
She is an advocate for a number of causes including the provision of
quality food for residents of aged care homes, particularly those with
dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Marlene is also a supporter of
suicide prevention charity the RUOK Foundation and raising awareness
of mental health issues among her contemporaries in the food &
catering industry

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